Is it possible for the government to track Bitcoin transactions? Or it is 100% safe and secure?


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Martin Garret answered

It depends on how you did your transactions. If you want to stay secured and keep all your records transparent, just use blockchain technology. Hopefully, the government won't get rid of that. Otherwise, it will cause a lot of issues connected to online security in the world of crypto. If you use any service that works with cryptocurrency, always check blockchain. For example, I gable on Yes, I am a fan of the Aviator game. It calms me down. Even there I checked the blockchain and made sure my transactions were secured.

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I am the new one in this field. I started it because of my friend. He is quite experienced in this. With his help, I found the best cryptocurrency app. I did not expect that buying and exchanging trading terminal crypto. The user interface is clear without additional and unnecessary buttons or the like. So I hope that cryptocurrency will become the main source of income for me. You should also try to invest. I am sure that you will succeed with this

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Mary Patterson answered

I think, it is not real nowadays. Everything here is so secure, that people simply have no opportunity to find the traces of this. So after I started to ger profit from implementation into my ordinary life, I didn't worry about the security of operations.

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Sergio Jemas answered

Everybody can track every transaction because it’s public. If you mean whether or not your government can identify what transactions you personally did it depends on how you did it.

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All Bitcoin transactions are publicly accessible by anyone. So yes, absolutely not only government, but almost anybody can track your Bitcoin transactions. But still there is a decision to get 100% secure. You should use special crypto mixer like on You can read how it works and FAQ in the site.

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