What are some good tips and tricks to travel cheap?


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Julie Campbell answered

I love traveling and have been to many countries so I can share my own tips on how to travel on a budget:
- book cheap flights in advance
- walk as much as you can
- eat local food
- stay in hostels.
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Robert Kelley answered

1. Travel in the off-season. No need to visit popular destinations in summer, you'll overpay for accommodation, airfare, and get crowded beaches and lines to every attraction.

2. Buy your flights in advance. Plan trips a year in advance, make a list of countries you would like to visit, and monitor tickets and tours.

3. Do not write off tours! Tours to same Egypt, Greece, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico, Maldives and other popular tourist destinations are often cheaper by 20 and even 40% due to charter flights and redeemed accommodation blocks in hotels.

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