How Can I Make Solo Camping Fun?


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Solo Camping: Things To Do To Make It Fun

Camping is perhaps one of the most diverse and versatile hobbies because you have complete freedom of action here. You can go camping at any time of the year, in different interesting places, find many exciting activities, and spend a great time with friends or get along with nature!

There are many types of camping: from family trips for a few days to more extreme winter camping, so we can say there is something for everyone. 

And among the different types of camping, solo trips are an interesting option. Many people often think that traveling alone is dangerous and boring. However, this type of camping is more common than it seems.

There are many reasons for solo travel. Some people need to be in solitude and take a break from society, while others travel a lot to different places, so camping somewhere in nature alone is a part of such trips. In addition, hobbies are also one of the reasons for solo travel, such as photography, nature exploration, fishing, writing, and more!

When planning any solo trip, you should prepare well, learn more tips for outdoor survival, and pick the right equipment. With good planning and preparation, you can camp safely and comfortably, regardless of location or season. After all, even in winter, it is enough for you to take a solo hot tent, and you will already have a reliable shelter!

At the same time, many enthusiasts may wonder what to do in solo camping so that it is not boring. Typically, when we plan a trip, we already know what we will do there and what we would like to try while camping because any trip has a purpose. Yet, it is always a good idea to diversify your camping with something else because, during the breaks from the planned activities, we also need to keep ourselves occupied with something. That is why we have prepared some fun things to do to make your experience even better!

Water Activities & Swimming

Sites on the ocean, lake, or river are great locations for solo camping. After all, you can admire the scenery and relax on the water here. Whether it's kayaking, canoeing, or just swimming, it will make your camping experience more fun and active.


Nature is perhaps one of the best places for inspiration. Nothing distracts you here. While being in silence and alone with nature, writing can become the very activity that will make your camping fascinating and also bring a piece of creativity into your life. Poems, works, short stories, songs, or keeping a diary — all are much easier to do being surrounded by the beauty and harmony that untouched nature gives.

Set Your Goals 

In our routine life, we often lack the time and attention to reflect on our lives, understand ourselves, and also make a list of goals we want to achieve. And solo camping is a great opportunity here. The absence of routine affairs, city noise, and haste, as well as the influence of other people, creates an excellent environment for reflection and making life plans.

Discover Flora 

Exploring the plants and trees around you is another thing you can do while camping solo. Check which of the plants you already know and which you see for the first time. Try to identify which of the representatives of the flora can be poisonous and which are edible.

With a smartphone and some botanical apps, you can easily get information about many plants by pointing the camera at them. Exploring nature is fun and often rewarding, especially if you enjoy camping and wilderness trips. After all, this knowledge can always help in critical situations.

Discover Fauna 

Another way to spend time solo camping is animal watching. Going on a trip to one of the national parks or reserves, you can see the diversity of wildlife and its inhabitants. If you live in the city, such trips are a great option to see both the animals you know in their natural habitat and meet new representatives of the fauna. The main thing is to find out more information about the location you plan to visit to avoid encountering dangerous predators.


It is quite an amusing hobby that millions of people are addicted to. Moreover, this activity has many fans among different age groups because knitting is not only about grandmothers, despite common stereotypes. Creating things with your hands is always absorbing because creativity is the best way to sublimate our energy into something interesting.

Therefore, when planning a solo camp, take some thread, a hook, or knitting needles with you and discover such an amazing hobby that you can easily spend hours on.


The stars in the night sky are always beautiful. You can download a skywatching app on your smartphone that will allow you to see the stars and find out where they are located in real-time.

Stargazing is especially magical in winter due to crystal clear skies and snow-covered landscapes. However, in this case, get camping tents with wood stoves in advance to feel comfortable and warm while watching the night sky and sipping hot cocoa.


If you do not know what to do in solo camping, then hiking is the perfect activity. 

For hiking, you don't need to set a specific goal or a destination point since even meaningless walking along the trails still makes sense. After all, walking in the fresh air surrounded by nature is the best way to put your thoughts in order and give your body a payload.

You can listen to the sounds of nature or take your headphones and enjoy your favorite music while walking and thinking about something precious to you!

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