Why Is A Ten Dollar Bill Called A Sawbuck?


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A sawbuck is typically another name for a sawhorse; in particular one which, at each end, has a crossed pair of legs. It is also slang for a ten-dollar bill as older versions of this particular bill incorporated "X", which is the Roman numeral for the number ten. The slang term came into use as the numeral bears a resemblance to an end of a sawhorse. This slang was most widespread during the days when there were large-sized notes.

Sawbuck(s) is also used to describe a ten sack or dime of marijuana when used in inner city Chicago. In poker parlance, "sawski" is used to refer to a sawbuck.

It is interesting to note that a double sawbuck is the slang used to refer to a twenty- dollar bill. Also, while a sawbuck is occasionally abbreviated as simply 'a saw', it is never called just a buck, since that is the term given to a one-dollar bill.

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