What Is Aviation? What Are Some Good Reasons For Wanting To Join This Industry?


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Aviation refers to anything to do with flying using either aircrafts or any other machine which has been designed by humans for atmospheric flight. The term Aviation also describes activities, industries and regulatory bodies like Air Force associated with aircrafts. Aviation industry is usually of two kinds Civil Aviation and Military Aviation. Civil aviation includes both scheduled air transport and general aviation. Currently, there are only 5 main manufacturers of civil transport aircrafts Airbus, Boeing and Tupolev for larger airlines where as Bombardier and Embraer on commuter aircraft. General aviation does not fly on a regular schedule and can be ranging from recreational flights to cargo flights.

Military aviation is to do with military usage of aircrafts and jets for security, war or any other military purpose. The types of aircrafts are Fighter aircrafts, Ground Attack Aircrafts, Bombers and Surveillance aircrafts.

The aviation industry around the world is one of the fastest growing industries. There is a growth of 50 per cent in the past 5 years. The aviation industry has been marked by fast-paced growth and change in the past few years. Civil and general aviation industry is on a boom with affordable flight rates and airlines competition. In UK, the aviation industry carries 180 million passengers and 2.1 million tones of freight with the number growing with every passing day.
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Aviation refers to the airline industry. There are a number of roles that are availalble in the airline industry for an individual who fits the bill. The jobs are - Pilot, Air-hostess, steward, ground staff, technical crew etc.

It is one of the most glamourous and sought after professions in the world. It can also be extremely taxing especially for those who constantly have to be flying. One of the most obvious perks for the flight crew is the constant travel, access to duty free shopping all over the world and the money is great.

Co-workers are always pleasing to the eye because that is on the revruiment criteria. The work environment is reasonably ambient. There are lots of challenges especially when a flight is delayed or the food served is not upto the mark. People management skills are tested to the hilt. But working in the aviation industry is one prolonged adrenalin rush.

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