What Is Unique About France?


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Many things are unique about France, the language and culture so fiercely protected by its peoples for a start.
The wine and champagne (named after the area of production, and, the only sparkling white wine allowed to carry this name) French methods of production and presentation, have been exported all over the world.
The food of France, also exported all over the who else produces foie gras like them?
The chefs of France, or chefs trained acording to the French way,
Frances bagette, its croissant...
Then its engineering, the new mega jets, and ocean liners where built there recently, along with amazing bridges.
It's perfume, It's fashion, it's doctors and health service.
The French may be considered the most arrogant nation on the earth, but somehow, one can not blame them for being
so, wouldn't you be, if you could reel out such a list of ongoing acheivements
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Eiffel tower

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