How Far Is It From Johannesburg, South Africa To Kilimanjaro, Tanzania?


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Approx four hours
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In miles, it is in total;  1,670.36. (I'm very precise:) I found that out using google earth, where you can get directions, measure any part of the world, and loads of other things! You can download it by going on, and typing in google earth. :)
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It's about 2738 km / 1700 miles.  Most people in Africa who could afford it would choose to fly to Kilimanjaro International airport (read traveller review) and then drive from there -- only half an hour or so away from lodgings within decent proximity of the summit of Kilimanjaro.  

Mt. Kilimanjaro is a big mountain (nearly 6000 metres tall), but has several relatively non-technical routes enabling people to ascend it, as long as you allow up to a week to do so.  There are many guided tours for ascending the mountain (read more).


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