Where Is Palace Road In Bangalore?


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From majestic bus route to bangalore palace
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Palace Road is located in north west of Bangalore. You can download a map of its location here. It is compressed as a zipped folder but isn't a huge file. Palace Road can be found at 3D, the top right hand corner of the map.

Google Maps is for some reason unable to find Palace Road in Bangalore using the normal search function. However, this link to Google Maps clearly displays Palace Road as bordering the bottom left of Bangalore Palace grounds, the large grey area in the middle of the map.

Palace Road skirts near the Palace itself before heading southwards past Mount Carmel College and the Embassy Palace,  before intersecting Cunningham Road, Chowdaiah Road and Racecourse Road. It then continues in a southerly direction past the Maharanis College for Women and the Central Jail. It continues then as far as the Central College Cricket Ground before merging with Kempegowda Road.

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