How Far Is It From Baghdad, Iraq To Kabul, Afghanistan?


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The distance from Baghdad in Iraq to Kabul, Afghanistan is 1428 miles (2297 km) in a straight as the crow flies direction.

If you wish to use a GPS device, satellite navigation or Google Earth the map co-ordinates you will need are Baghdad 33:14:00N 44:22:00E and Kabul 34:34:01N 69:13:01E.

Alternatively, you may wish to take a look at this hybrid map/satellite image of the region at  Google Maps. Use the buttons at the top right of the map to switch between a traditional map view, a satellite image and hybrid map/satellite image overlay.

The slider control on the left is the zoom tool, slide upwards to go in for a closer look. The arrow tool enables you to move the map left , right, up and down to suit .

It does not appear to be possible to get online driving directions from Baghdad to Kabul.

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