How Do You Hang The American Flag?


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The American flag is held with great importance by the citizens of America and there are certain rules and norms to be followed while hanging the flag be it on a post, the wall or from the roof. Although it can be displayed at any time or place but it definitely has great significance on Independence Day which is 4th of July, Flag Day, Veterans Day and other prominent president's birthdays.

While hanging it from a post, one should approach the post with an unfolded flag, unfasten the rope and attach the flag with clips. The flag should not touch the ground at any time. The union should be at the top. The rope should be secured once the flag reaches the peak.

If you are going to hand the flag over a street, please do so with the field of stars to the east, if the street is running north to south, or to the north is the street is running east to west. If the flag is hung from a window or draped over a building, the field of stars or union should be to the left of an onlooker. If positioned behind a speaker, it should lie flat on the wall with the bottom not touching the ground. In a hall or lobby it should be put across the main entrance, again with the union to the left of the onlooker.

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