What's The Radius Of A Dime?


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A US dime (equivalent of 10 cents) is about 17.91 mm in diameter. This is equivalent to approximately 0.7 inches.

Since a radius is equal to one half of the diameter, the radius of a dime is:

17.91/2 = 8.955 mm

So, the radius of a dime is 8.955 mm.

You can use this value to calculate the circumference and area of a dime too by using the following formula:

Circumference = 2 x pi x r
  = 2 x 3.14 x 8.955
  = 56.24 mm

Area = pi x r2
  = 3.14 x (8.955)2
  = 251.80 mm2

A dime only weighs 2.268 g and is 1.35 mm in thickness. It also has 118 reeds on its edges.
It is made up of copper with 8.33% nickel.

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