How Far Is Tallahassee From West Palm Beach?


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Tallahassee, Florida is 582.6 km from West Palm Beach, Florida; this translates to a distance of 362 miles. If you're planning to drive from Tallahassee to West Palm Beach (or vice versa), your total journey will take about four and a half hours, depending on traffic.

Known for its status as the capital of Florida State, Tallahassee is part of Leon County. This bustling city has an urban population of over 360,000 people. Post-secondary education is excellent in this Florida enclave, which is the home to respected universities and colleges.

Examples of Tallahassee colleges and universities include:

• Florida State University
• Keiser University
• Tallahassee Community College.

Tallahassee is also an important hub for the agriculture business in the Panhandle area of Florida. Science, military products manufacturing (including combat weapons and gear), and scientific research and development also figure prominently in the local economy.

Much smaller than Tallahassee (with approx.. 36,000 households), West Palm Beach has a more glamorous reputation, due to its chic resort vibe and myriad wealthy, socialite residents. However, there is more to West Palm Beach than money. This Palm Beach County location is actually the oldest city in the South Florida region, and it features a charming Bel Air Historic District, as well as a host of other scenic attractions, including the Mango Promenade and Flamingo Park.

Each of these prime Florida cities is a great place to live, work, and play. Both modern municipalities offer a great standard of living, a pleasant climate, and warm, friendly people. If you're planning to visit these cities by car, rail, or airplane, you'll be sure to enjoy sightseeing and drinking in the unique culture, architecture, and geography of these Florida locales. Flying from West Palm Beach to Tallahassee will only take about three hours, not counting any layovers.
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420 miles

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