When Was Colombia Founded And By Whom?


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Columbia is basically a country which is located in America. It has Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean as its neighbors. The area of this country is 1,141,748 square kilometers, which makes it the 26th largest state in the world, whereas its population is 45,760,630 which makes it the 29th largest country of the world.

Columbia was first discovered by Spanish explorers. It became a Spanish colony after its discovery in the early 16th century. It remained a Colony of Spain until the 1800's. However, there were several rebel movements during this time against the colonization of the Spanish rule, however, these movements were not successful. However, the eventual liberation of Columbia was a result of a similar rebel movement that spread all around the country. It resulted in its independence from Spain in the year 1819. Rebel leader Simon Bolivar and Francisco de Paula Santander played a key role in the independence of Spain. Thus, Simon Bolivar became the first president and Francisco became the Vice President.

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