What Language Do They Speak In Brazil?


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The official national language which is spoken in Brazil is the Portuguese language. Apart from Brazil, the Portuguese language is also the official national language of Portugal and the state language of the state of Goa, which is located on the western coast of India.

The Portuguese language is broadly spoken in many countries which are to be found on the continents of Asia and Africa, such as Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, the Chinese S.A.R. of Macau, Mozambique and Sao Tome and Principe. These countries were formerly colonies of Portugal. The Portuguese language is also one of the recognised languages which is used by the European Union, which is abbreviated as the EU.

Over 200 million people speak the Portuguese language all over the world. It is ranked seventh among the languages of the world in terms of the number of native speakers. About 186 million people on the continent of South America speak the Portuguese language.
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They speak Portuguese.
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Portuguese! As it is spoken in Brazil compares to the Portuguese of Portugal the way U.S.A. English compares to British English, and the way Cuban Spanish compares to Spanish from Spain.    Portuguese is Portuguese, English is English, and Spanish is Spanish.
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