What Countries In The American Continent Can A Sierra Leone Passport-Holder Enter Visa-Free?


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If you're from Sierra Leone and interested in travelling abroad without needing a visa, there are a few countries you will be able to travel to in the American continent. These include:

  • Jamaica
  • Cuba
  • Trinidad & Tobago
All of these are Caribbean islands that form part of the North American continent.

I've got my Sierra Leone passport, where can I travel visa-free?

Whenever I'm planning a trip abroad, I make use of a website called VisaHQ. The site allows a user to enter their country of origin and their desired destination, and within seconds it provides useful information about what type of documentation is required for travel, and in some circumstances the website will give suggestions regarding the visa application process.

For example, if I type in Sierra Leone as my country of origin, and put the United States as my destination, the website informs me that I would require a tourist visa.

On the other hand, If I put my destination as Jamaica, I'm told that I do not need a a tourist visa to travel to the country.

Information about visa requirements for Sierra Leone passport holders

The best thing to do if you're interested in travelling to a country in the American continent is to contact the embassy or consulate of that country. In Sierra Leone, most of the embassy and consulate buildings will be located in Freetown, but you needn't even visit them as most of them will have the facility to answer your questions and give you advice over the telephone and internet.

Countries like Canada and the United States do require Sierra Leone citizens to apply for a visa to cross their border, but seeing as they are both popular destinations, I have listed the details of their embassies/consulates below, should you wish to find out more about travelling to these countries.

Canadian Consulate in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Honorary Consul of Canada in Freetown, Sierra Leone
44 Bathurst Street, Freetown, Sierra Leone
City: Freetown
Phone: 232-076-603098
Email: [email protected]

Embassy of the United States in Sierra Leone
Southridge- Hill Station
Freetown, Sierra Leone
City: Freetown
Phone: +232 22 515 000 or +232 76 515 000
Fax: +232 22 515 355

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