Can You Describe The Amazon Jungle?


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The Amazon jungle is known as the richest plant area on earth. Tens of thousands of varieties have been identified. On just about every square mile (2.6 square kilometers), well over a hundred different kinds of trees flourish. Depending on geographical differences in altitude, there may be dense thickets of mangrove trees, ebonies, fine mahoganies, cedars and aromatic rosewoods, chestnuts, tall brazil-nut trees, various types of willows and the handsome rubber trees. Interspersed among all of these are numerous varieties of palms and tropical fruit trees. Branches drip heavily with vines and creepers. So thick is the greenery that treetops struggle toward a barely visible sky.

At ground level the array of plant life is simply spectacular. Unusually shaped leaves and grasses of every assortment and kind intermingle. Hugging the ground is an endless variety of plants, with foliage in combinations of green, red, pink, purple, yellow and white. Other low-growing plants serve as borders for tiers of pithy cactus-type spikes, short palms, bushes and large-leaf vegetation like the giant 'elephant ears.' Frothy ferns add a delicate touch in paler greens. Climbers greedily clutch at any remaining space.

In many areas vivid flowers brighten the scene. There are beds of blossoms in pinks and reds. Little yellow flowers peek out between gnarled roots. Clumps of bright orange, deep crimson and white blooms may be seen hanging from branches. Then there are gorgeous sprays of delicate orchids nestling against tree trunks or cascading from branches.
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A huge part of South America and most of Brazil. A wide and mostly flat heavily forested and wet. A good portion is uninhabited or very sparsely but civilization is nibbing at it's ares every day. Top soil is not that deep. The Amazon River system drains most of it.
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The Amazon jungle is a natural and beautiful place. It has all kind of different animals.
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Serene atmosphere

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