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Japan is a country in the continent of Asia. It is located in the easters part of Asia, and has been one of the most well known countries, with its rich and checkered history and controversial past. The language spoken in Japan is Japanese, and Tokyo is the capital of Japan.

Japan is situated on the Pacific Ocean, and has four major islands - Hokaido, Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku. The country also has a large number of smaller islands, the four mentioned here are the most well known. The total size of the country is 377,835 square kilometers, with the total land standing at 374,744 square kilometers. Japan also has mountains, with the highest and most well known being Mount Fuji. The rivers provide the country with the means to generate electricity, and are also sources of water for irrigation.

On the religious front, the main religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shintoism, with 84 percent of the people following these religions. 0.7 percent of the Japanese follow Christianity.
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Well I can tell you I was surprised to find that men when they need to take a leak find no shame in taking one wherever they find themselves. That was kind of strange. It is called tachi shoben and is rampant, as an American I found that practice a little awkward and intrusive to say the least.  Check out more stuff at
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They invented sushi.
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Japan is the home of Anime and J-pop singers!
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Japanese religion, the religious beliefs and practices of the Japanese people. There is no single dominant religion in Japan. Instead, several religious and quasi-religious systems exist side by side. Shintō was traditionally intertwined with the functions of the Japanese state, while the broader populace has been influenced by an unorganized Folk Shintō (Minzoku Shintō) you can check more info here , related to but not altogether compatible with the institutionalized form.

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Tokyo is the Capital of the Japan. Japan is one of the advanced and modern countries of the world. Japan is a big producer of Cards and electronic item specially robots. Japanese technology is famous all around the world for its uniqueness and creativity. Japan has big market share in the USA and it is large manufacturer of cars and motor bikes in Asia. Honda is the world large company of Japan that is producing luxury cars and motorcycles. The GDP growth rate is 2% in 2006. Japan still has to face its structural problem like its public debt account 160% of the GDP.

Japan is the world's second largest economy and has a high living standard. Agriculture provides 1.3 % and employs 7% of the active population. Japan is the world largest fish producer and consumer and world's second largest paper producer and consumer. Japan three main partners for imports and exports include China, USA and South Korea. Japan mainly imports fuel, electronic products and sea products. Japan is big consumer market. Japanese people are very hard working and courteous. Average income of a person is 2975 per month and they work forty hours a week. Japan is very big in area.

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