How Can Hawks See Their Prey From Long Distances?


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There a number of reasons because of which hawks can see their prey so clearly. The reason for them being able to see prey at a distance clearly is because they have binocularity or binocular like vision. This binocular vision is because their large eyes are forward facing. The field of vision of both their eyes overlaps and enables them to see distant objects clearly. In hawks the field of view overlaps around 90 degrees. The cornea and lens in hawks is positioned facing the beak to maximize distance vision.

Binocularity vision in these birds allows for stereoscopic vision as well. These birds can use this to determine distances to the object as well. In birds of prey a second fovea where the cone and rod cells are highly concentrated is also seen along with a well developed Pecten between the lens and retina which improves the clarity of vision greatly.

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