How Do You Set The Step Distance On Pedometer?


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In order to facilitate the measurement of distance by your pedometer, you will firstly have to measure how much your average step length or stride length is. However, before you do anything, go through the instructions. Generally majority of pedometers need the length of the step rather than the stride. The step length is basically the distance covered between the heel print of one foot to the heel print or the other. In simple words, the step length is the distance covered by one leg in the forward direction.

On the other hand, the stride length basically refers to the distance covered by the heel of one foot to the successive time that the same foot goes down. In simple words it basically refers to two steps taken.

The stride length can be estimated by knowing the height of the person. For females, the height x .413 should give you your stride length. For males, it is height x .415.

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