How Many Miles Is It From New Orleans To Miami, FL?


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New Orleans in Louisiana is at a distance of 667 miles (1073 kilometres) from the city of Miami in Florida.

New Orleans is a prominent US port city and as per historical fact also the biggest in Louisiana. The Port of New Orleans is amongst the busiest ports on the planet. The city was named after Philippe II, Duke of Orleans, and Regent of France and is amongst the oldest cities in the country. It is famous for its enriching heritage and also its traditional music and cuisine. It is regarded to be the origin of jazz music.

The city has many nicknames, some of which are – Crescent City, The Big Easy, and America's Most Interesting City etc.

Miami is the name of a prominent city in the south eastern part of Florida, USA. It ranks second in the state in terms of size, following Jacksonville. It was formally merged into the union on the 28th of July in the year 1896.

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