How Many Miles Drive Is It From Pennsylvania To Indiana?


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By car it takes nearly 8 hours and 49 minutes to reach Indiana from Pennsylvania. The total distance from Pennsylvania and Indiana is 542 miles. Pennsylvania formally known as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is said to be one of the five Middle Atlantic States of America. Pennsylvania has a coastline which is approximately 51 miles in length.

This region was initially colonized by Delaware, Susquehannock, Iroquois, Eriez, Shawnee tribes. Nearly most of the population of this region is found in the Perry County.

According to the census conducted in the year 2000, the total population of Pennsylvania was estimated to be 12,281,054, having an average population density of 105.80 per square kilometer. The census report of 2000 also stated that the total area of this region was 46,055 square miles.

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