How Can I Collect A Work Permit Visa From Bangladesh - For Libya?


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Your first port of call if you're in Bangladesh and are looking to work in Libya will be the Libyan embassy in Dhaka. The details for the embassy are as follows:

The Embassy of Libya in Dhaka, Bangladesh,
4 CWN [c] Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka- 1212,
Phone: +880-2-600141 / +880-2-600142 / +880-2-883417

Applying to work in Libya

The embassy will be able to give you feel details of the process involved, as well as provide you with the list of documentation you will need to provide to support your application.

The most common requirements will probably be:

  • A valid passport (usually with more than 6 months validity)
  • Proof that you are in good health
  • Clean criminal record
  • A valid job offer
  • Evidence of return or onward flight tickets
  • Adequate funds or a source of funds that will support you during your stay.
Immigrant labour in Libya

Whilst immigrant labour in Libya was previously very important to the country due to its relatively low population and huge oil industry, the country has become a difficult place to travel to since the recent political upheaval and violence that has rocked the country.

I'd recommend you read up on the situations migrant and immigrant workers find themselves in due to the instability that grips the country.

I found this France24 article very relevant in highlighting the dangers of travelling to Libya in search of work in the current climate.

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