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According to Wikipedia, immigration is said to be "the act of passing or coming into a country for the purpose of permanent residence".

Immigration has become a very big issue for a lot of countries around the world in recent years and the problem still seems to be growing. There are a whole variety of reasons why people try and enter a new country and seek permanent residency. These reasons include fleeing from a war-torn place, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, escaping danger if they fear for their life, or people may simply feel they can have a better life and more money if they can change countries.

Wikipedia states that "of the present 200 million immigrants around the world nearly 70.6 million are in Europe, followed by North America, with over 45.1 million immigrants, and Asia, with nearly 25.3 million."

This certainly highlights the problem European countries, in particular the UK and France, have with immigration. Many natives of the country do not agree with their governments recent immigration policies as they believe a lot of the foreign immigrants are stealing their jobs and living off the state benefit system which was not designed for them. In the UK a political party called The British National Party (BNP) have been gaining in popularity due to their no tolerance policy on immigration and for non-British people to reside in the UK. Their slogan of 'British jobs for British people' has gained both support and a lot of opposition from competing parties who accuse the BNP of having racist policies.
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An immigrant is a person who is moving away from their country to live in a new country
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In general, immigration 1)refers to the movement of people among countries, or  2)it is the act of entering a country with the intention of remaining their permanently. For example, if you are from a country in Europe then you went to like  America and wish to stay there for the rest of your life, then, you are an immigrant of America.
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Moving to one country to another and live there.
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Immigration is a term that is broadly used to refer to the act of moving from one community to another. Employment oportunities and better education are the common reasons that people immigrate for. Looking for all the accomodations that will assurdly help them to have a better life and for the pursuit of happyness.however there are various other reason for this phenomena to happend for example religious freedom and political stability. In a nutshell,it could be legal or illegal.
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The word immigration has its origin in Latin and is obtained from the word 'immigrat'. 'immigrat' means 'to go into'. It is made up of two words: in and migrare. Migrare means 'to depart'. 'Immigrate' means 'to settle in a place'. Immigration is a noun. This region is not native to the one who enters this place. For example: a few countries see immigration of people during certain seasons of the year. Here, it is explained that people enter and settle there for sometime. Such a settlement is generally job-related.

Immigration could also mean 'the act of sending or introducing immigrants'. For example: the world witnessed the immigration of a large number of colonists by the British. It is explained that the colonists were sent to the New World by the British.
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It means that when someone moves into a different state the are called immigrants, they have immigrated to somewhere else
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Immigration is when a people move from one country to other for their and better and wonderful life or to Settling down
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People move from one country to another. If people go to a new country for a short visit, usually as tourists. When people live in another country with the intention of this talk about immigration. People called immigrants.

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Immigration, talking about someone who moves to live in a new country and he/she has the right to live there.

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Immigration means that when u go to settle or live in a country u  r not a native citizen of!

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Immigration is where you could go to process your visa when you plan to move to the other places.

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Immigration is when someone from another country enters the united states illegal immigration is where they enter without getting the right document cation
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A person who moves from their country to another country because they want a better life, work and education which they can get by going to another country.
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Immigration is the process in which an individual or a group travel to another country from their own with the intention of permanently settling down in that country such persons are generally known as immigrants in that country until their citizenship is confirmed. Immigration generally takes place due to a number of reasons like when there is a natural or more often man made calamity like civil war in one country the people there immigrate to other country for security. Marriage is another event in case of which immigration takes place with one of the spouse preferring to be a citizen of the other spouse's country.

The most common reason for immigration is for employment purposes to better one's job prospects and often involves immigration on a mass scale from one country to the other. Immigration laws generally vary from country to country and are often based on the country's foreign policies and its domestic labor requirements most countries also require immigration applicants to sit for an exam often testing their skills in the language that is spoken in that country as well as their specific skill group.
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An immigration is when some poor people want to come to a new country that is rich a rich country so the process before they travel calles immigration..
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Immigration is taken from the word migrate which means migrātīon- (stem of migrātiō ) in Latin.
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It means,when someone comes from a different country and moves to Australia or some other country.
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In regards to cecilia, its those ignorant perceptions that you hold that lead people to hatred because of that kind of reception...hatred hence leading to other abnominal acts. For once in this life time, can't we have compassion on others!!!!....
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There are three reasons why we need to address the current 11 million immigrants, as well as secure our borders
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When some poor young old kiddies come from a really crappy third-world country and they jolly umm come into a good country, such as Australia, and come to kill you. That's what it is:

Not really.

Immigration is when people who are from a third-world country come to a better one such as Australia or the USA to stay there - the term is immigrating.

And if you want to know more, then get your white-ass over to this page and read it. I rate my question five stars you freak - woo!

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