You And Two Friends Rent A Hotel Room That Costs $30, So You Put In $10 Each. Later That Night, The Owner Of The Hotel Realizes He Has Overcharged You So He Sends The Bellhop With $5. The Bellhop Steals $2 And Returns $1 To Each Of You. (?)


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I have ran this over and over in my head and I keep coming up with $30,what answer do you come up
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The amount you were charged was originally 30 but came down to $25 after the $5 refund. $25 divided by 3 = 8.3333 so 8.3333 x 3 = 27.999 (almost $8) plus the $2 the bellhop stole = 29.9999 basically less than a penny's difference.
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No it equals 30...

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