Which Amendments Deal With The Aspect Of Voting Rights In Elections In The United States?


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There are many amendments in the Constitution that deal with a myriad range of issues from racism to freedom, from taxes to presidential terms. As for the amendments that deal with the voting rights, these are inclusive of the fifteenth, seventeenth, nineteenth and twenty-third amendments.

The fifteenth amendment that is also called a Civil War amendment (accompanied by the thirteenth and the fourteenth amendments) forbids any kinds of restrictions on suffrage (the right to vote) in the bias of colour or race. As for the seventeenth amendment, before it was passed, people were only allowed to vote for the members of the House of Representatives; the seventeenth amendment granted the people the right to vote for the Senate members as well. Coming to the nineteenth amendment, this was a tremendous paradigm shift in the American approach of voting as it finally granted women the official and formal right to vote despite of all the oppositions the women suffrage movement faced. As for the twenty-third amendment, it specifically granted the District of Columbia the right to vote as before the twenty-third amendment, the people residing in this very region were not allowed to vote as the District of Columbia was not an official state. It was the passing of the twenty-third amendment that changed this.

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