How Far Does Society And Culture Affect An Individual's Buying Behaviour?


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There are a plethora of factors that leverage the buying behavior as well as the disposition of a consumer towards a particular brand. That is the reason why these factors are divided into specific categories to let the marketer gain absolute clarity and at the same time prevents him from losing focus. Amongst these factors, culture and society are two factors that not only shape the buying decision of the consumers but also chisel many determinants that, in turn, are behind the buying behavior of the individual.

Although every individual is a distinct person of his own, the culture that he lives in and has grown in, goes a long way in shaping his values, attitudes and opinions towards different persons, things and happenings. This, in turn, plays a huge role in sculpting the attitude of the individual towards many brands, which in turn, shapes his buying decisions. As far as society goes, once again an individual is affected by the trends of the society although his desire to be unique still stays intact. Nevertheless the desire of belongingness to the society manages to shape an individual's preferences in accordance to the society norms and popular trends, which in turn, affect the buying behavior of the individual.

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