Where Is A 10 Koneek Coin From?


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A 10 Koneek coin is originally from Russia. This was widely used in the 1960s and there looks to be many of them around being sold by coin dealers and auctioneers.

  • 10 Koneek coin
A 10 koneek coin was used as currency in Russia in the 20th Century. It has the number 10 printed on one side and vines on the other side of the coin. These markings were on all of the coins and the year was also printed.

  • Value
The value of the coin is not very high at the moment. If you have one of these coins, it may be worth looking at the date that it was made to see if that is a year that there are not many of the coins in circulation. As if there are a lot of the coins in circulation, the value is not very high.

If you own one of the coins, you may wish to keep hold of it and then see if the value increases with time. As there has not been much time since a koneek was used, this could also be another reason for the low value of the coin. In coins, the older and rarer a coin is, the higher its value and the larger interest you will get from collectors.

  • Ruble
A ruble is the current currency in Russia. One ruble is worth approximately 3 US cents, however, this will fluctuate with different markets.

  • History
The history of the coin and where you got it from may be worth looking into. Russia was a much more closed country at the time that a koneek was used as currency. Did your coin come out of Russia after this period or did someone give this to you years ago when Russia was a lot more secular? This could be an interesting thing to look into.
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Its from Russia yes, but not from Russia as we know it today, it was from the old U.S.S.R, which was the Soviet Union. It wouldn't be worth much, they're quite common
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I have one that has  the ten on it and on the other side it has 1917 and  1967. What do I have?

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