How Long Ago Did The Egyptians Live?


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Mike Canavan answered
AD doesn't stand for "After Death", this would imply that Jesus lived for one day! It stands for Anno Domini, which is Latin for "year of the lord". Last I checked Egypt was still a country, and it's residents are in fact "Egyptians", I believe about 75 million strong, with buildings and cars and everything!  Artifacts indicate settlers as long as 12,000 BC, the first Real Dynasty was around 3100 BC when King Menes unified upper and lower Egypt.  The pyramids, began to pop up around 2600 BC as burial tombs, unless the aliens built them as some form of power source!
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The beginning of Ancient Egypt is estimated to be around 3150 BC (actual dates earlier than 664 BC haven't been justified); but to answer your question, Egyptians still live today.
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Well, technically, the egyptians still exist. But ancient egyptians lived hundreds of thousands years ago. Back in b.c. (before christ) and A.D. (after death)

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