What Is The Time Difference Between Ohio, US And UK?


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Almost all year round Ohio is five hours behind the time in the UK. Ohio is in the eastern timings on the United States while the UK is on Greenwich Mean Time or British Summer time.

  • Changes

Twice a year when the clocks change, in spring and in the falls, there may be an hours variation to the time difference, but this will probably only last for a week as there is no universal date for switching of clocks.

This allows the state authorities to retain control of time factors when it is generally accepted that summer time or daylight saving time is advantage to industry; allowing it to make the most use possible of lighter summer nights.

  • Eastern Time

Time zones are measured in their distance east or west of Greenwich which is virtually in London. To the west of Greenwich, times are 'behind' that of the UK with Ohio being in the eastern time zone in the United States. There are two further US time zones to the west of Ohio with the western coast of the US being three hours behind the eastern time zone.

  • Effect

The effect of the time zone means that flying from Ohio to the UK takes 'twice' as long as flying in the other direction! With a flying time of eight hours plus the three hour time difference leaving Ohio at noon means that your London arrival would be at 11pm.

The reverse journey would see a passenger from London arriving at 5pm following a noon departure. Generally people are less likely to suffer from jet lag when they are 'gaining' rather than 'losing' hours although the journey time is exactly the same.
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That's a 5 hour difference
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Ohio is in the Central Time Zone (CT).This is 6 hours behind UK time.
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Wow good call kirkle.. Wow ur smart. Um ohio is easter time zone. And it depends on the time of year.. Since we just jumped ahead an hour.. We're only 4 hours behind.. But when we jump back we're 5.. I have friends in london.. I talk to them all the time. About everything. Even this stuff

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