What Are The Disadvantages Of Public Transport?


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There are many disadvantages to public transport depending on a number of factors.
For example buses and trains all revolve around timetables and so they can leave and arrive at times that are not the most suitable for people. People who have to rely on these times may find themselves limited to such factors.
Public transport may also not be the quickest as it is a social service it often takes the long way around an area to try and include as many people as possible in one trip. This will mean trips take longer than they would if you were to travel by private means.
Public transport is not very private as you have to share the service with others; some people might feel it is not as private and nice as other modes of transport. You do not get the privacy and creature comforts when holding a conversation or wanting to listen to a certain radio station on public transport.
Public transport can also be a little run down and dirty as it is used by many people it suffers far more wear and tear than other forms of transport. You will also have to share seats with complete strangers who may have strong smelling food not to your taste or loud earphones.
Public transport may also be more dangerous than other forms of private transport as you may never know who you will meet on it and what malicious agenda they have.
There are numerous disadvantages to public service; however there are also many advantages to sharing a public transport service with other people also.
There are several disadvantages of the Public Transport System.

1. Public transport is not under your control, the timings are never correct and sometimes do not suit you.

2. Public transport drivers are very rash and driver miserably which is hazardous to passengers

3. Sometimes they do not stop at the designated stops and one has to keep waiting

4. One has to plan well in advance if one has to use public transport, leading to wastage of time.

5. Public transport is terribly crowded making it difficult for old people, pregnant, sick persons to travel
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- You always have to expect delays
- Luggage Handling - it would be a lot easier in your own car
- Lack of Privacy
- Train and bus tickets are rising
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Some people say that using public transport is a good idea and other people think that it is a bad idea. There is a limited amount of space aboard public transportation systems, which makes them inappropriate for some errands. There is no privacy in public transportation. Travellers are crowded in and don't have much personal space.
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No matter how many disadvantages there are in public transport they are always going to be so little in front of the advantage of public transport: IT HELPS SAVE THE WORLD
It is better to loose time than to die because of global warming.

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