How Much Is A 10 Dollar Mexican Peso Worth In Us Dollars?


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Roughly speaking, 10 dollars in Mexican Peso translates to one US dollar. However the direct conversion of the Mexican Peso into US currency is 86 cents.

Since January 1st 1993, the Mexican Peso has been given a completely new value. The Mexican currency prior to this date is now referred to as Old Mexican Pesos and is abbreviated to MXP. They are also around 1000 times less valuable than the New Mexican Pesos. The International Monetary Fund last updated the exchange rate for the Mexican Peso on May 20th 2011.

If you are ever investigating the exchange rate of any currency, there are a number of conversion calculator websites that can assist you. A quick Internet search will reveal all the websites available.

Once you have logged on, all you have to do is choose the currency you are looking to convert and the currency that you are looking to convert your money into. Enter the value of money you have and click the ‘Convert’ button. This will then present you with an accurate value of your money in the new currency.

You can also refine your conversion by asking the online calculator to round the units of currency to the most significant figure. Alternatively, you can ask the system not to round the number off all. Most of the online calculators feature a range of currencies, allowing very flexible and helpful conversion for all types of money.

This will change Mexican Pesos continue to drop out of circulation and common ownership in years to come.
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10 pesos equals 1 US Dollar

to count pesos into dollars you basically add a number 0 to the amount of dollars for ex. 5 dollars would be 50 pesos
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One dollar

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