How Much Is 1000 Peru Money Worth In Us Dollars?


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The current exchange rate between the Peruvian Nuevo Sol and the US Dollar is 2.90 Sol to 1 Dollar. Therefore, 1000 Nuevo Sol would be worth $344.35.

The Peruvian Nuevo Sol lost some of its value over the last year compared to the US Dollar, having risen steadily in the years since 2010. 

By late 2013, one US dollar would only buy around 2.55 Peruvian Nuevo Sol, but at the time of writing, the exchange has swung back in favor of the Dollar, and its now at roughly the same rate as in 2010.

In the past, a Dollar would have bought you as much as 3.65 Nuevo Sol and as little as 2.30 Nuevo Sol. This is quite good for the South American region however, and the Peruvian economy is recognised as one of the most stable in the continent.

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