How Long Does An Eviction In Sarasota Florida Takes?


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About a month, if uncontested.
You must first send the tenant a "3 Day Notice" which tells them to pay the rent or leave. If you get no response after 3 business days (no weekends or holidays), you then go to the court house and file the "Complaint For Eviction." At the same time, the clerk of the court will issue an "Eviction Summons" which you will have to get a Sheriff to serve personally to the tenant. The tenant has 5 business to respond to the Summons. After the 5 days, with no response by the tenant, you can then go back to the courthouse to complete the "Default and Final Judgement for Possession" which the court clerk will forward to the judge. After that is done, you return to the Courthouse to request a "Writ of Possession," which you then take to the Sheriff. The Sheriff will then post this notice on the property. The tenant has 24 hours to get their things and get out. After 24 hours have passed, don't assume the tenant has vacated if you don't see them there. (If you yourself just go and throw out all of the tenant's things, the tenant could come back and accuse you of stealing something of theirs, and that will open up a whole new can of worms!) You should request the Sheriff to return to the property to physically evict the tenant and their belongs in the presence of the Sheriff.
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