How Many Miles Is It From Phoenix, Arizona To Sarasota, Florida?


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The total distance from Phoenix to Sarasota is 1,803 miles.

This is equivalent to 2,901 kilometers or 1,567 nautical miles.
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The distance between Phoenix, Arizona and Sarasota, Florida is about 2,208 miles; it would take around 1 day and 8 hours to cover the distance.

Phoenix, Arizona is the largest city of Arizona. It is situated in the south-central region of state northwestern region of Tucson. It lies on the Salt River and is also capital city of Arizona. Sarasota is a city which is situated on the Sarasota Bay on the central western coastal region of Florida.

While heading from Phoenix, Arizona to Sarasota, Florida, some of the roads through which you will pass through are Washington Street, Bay of St. Louis, Honore Avenue, Fruitville Road.

If you would like to get more information and if you want to view the driving direction maps, you can visit the following link and search the distance between any two locations:

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