Is There A Time Difference Between Majorca And The UK?


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It can be one to two hours difference depending on the time of year in the UK.

GMT or Greenwich mean time will tell you the time difference between where you are at and what time it is in Greenwich, UK. Greenwich provides a +0 to the time, meaning outside of the Greenwich time zone everything is either plus or minus a certain amount of time.

When on daylight saving time, London, where Greenwich is located, reverts to GMT +1 - meaning you add an hour to the GMT time. If it is midnight or 00:00 in GMT time then it will be 01:00 in London.

You add time when you go east in time zones. Since Majorca, Spain, is to the east, that means you have to add hours to the time. Given that Majorca is one time zone away during daylight savings it means you add +1 to the time in Majorca.

So, during daylight saving time the UK is usually only one hour behind Majorca. When London is on GMT instead of the GMT +1, it would make Majorca two hours ahead of the UK.

To be less complex in the answer, consider the UK as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and you will know that Majorca, Spain has a 2 hour time difference.

When daylight savings springs ahead then Majorca, Spain will only be one hour ahead. When daylight savings falls back then Majorca, Spain will be two hours ahead again in London.
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The time difference between Majorca island and the UK is one hour faster in Majorca.(When in Majorca the time is 12.00, in the UK, 11.00)
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I am going on Holiday in 2 days we are all excited it is one hour different
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Yes the time difference is 1 hour like if it is 3pm in the uk it will be 4pm in majorca

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