Will Having A Police Caution Prevent Me Getting A Visa For The USA?


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Whether you are granted a visa after a police caution depends on several factors:

  • Have the police still got a record of your arrest in their system?
  • Have they shared this information with international law enforcement agencies?
  • What country are you a national of?
Can I still get a visa to America if I've had a police caution?
In the UK, the Home Office states that a police caution will show up on a criminal record check, and as such can affect your employment prospects and/ or your eligibility to travel to certain countries.

People from countries like the UK can travel to the US under something called the Visa Waiver Program. This means that you don't need to apply for a visa in the same way nationals of ineligible countries do.

However, the US State Department's website clearly states that the program does not apply to people who have been arrested (even if that arrest did not result in a criminal charge or conviction).

This means that, ultimately, it will be up to the US immigration officials to determine whether or not you'll be granted a visa to the country despite your criminal record.
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No, as a caution in this country does not affect your visa status.

I have a criminal record for driving offences. I got my passport and traveled to New York in January this year.

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