What Is A Passport? What Are The Different Types Of Passports That Are Applied For All Over The World?


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A passport is a document or a proof which is essential for traveling overseas issued by all national governments for traveling and identification purposes. It is basically an identification of any person which permits his or her entrance to pass through foreign countries.

The right of legal protection abroad and the right to enter a country of nationality are all connected with a passport as they hold the personal information of a person such as photograph, signature, and date of birth. It is the best proof of one's nationality and legitimacy of one's identification.

All over the world there are different types of passports. This may include the ordinary passport which is for normal citizens and require no special formalities. Diplomats and their representatives of a home country require diplomatic passports suiting the nature of their job.

All government officials are issued service passports (mostly those who do not qualify as diplomats) for work related reasons. High ranking state officers are issued special passports which exempts them from having a visa.

Apart from these types there are alien passports (issued for non citizens), collective passport (for a group of people e.g. children for a trip), business passports (for frequent business travelers) and emergency passports (issued for those people who have lost their passport and urgently need to travel).

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