Why Do We Need Passports?


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For several centuries, passports have been an authentic means of identification and protection of people while they are travelling overseas. It does not matter if the time is of peace or war. Passports are usable in every era, for every nationality in every situation that deals with a foreign element.

Nevertheless the establishment of the passport's status as a formal and fundamental travelling document has taken place just in the past few years. Along with passports, which form a vital aspect of the individual's travelling essentials, it is accompanied by visas, which are endorsements and approvals by foreign officials, who, in the form of a visa issuance, give you formal permission to enter their respective homeland.

As for the literary interpretation, passport means permission to leave a port or to sail into it. The comprehension in the terms of implementation later on included the general permission of exit and entry, be what the means of transport.
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To get  on the plane.

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A few years ago I only needed a passport to fly internationally.. Now I need one just to drive over the border into the U.S. I won't be doing that anymore though if the scary guy with the bad hair wins the presidency :p

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