How Long From England To Spain On Plane?


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Depending on what part of England you are flying from and what part of Spain you are flying to, the flight time can vary but the flight should take approximately 2 hours.

Spain is a popular holiday destination for British tourists due to the short and relatively inexpensive flights and the beautiful weather and coastline that can be enjoyed around Spain. British people often head towards warmer climes for their holidays as the weather can be unpredictable and often cold throughout Britain.

Spain once offered very good value for money for British holiday makers but due to the strength of the Euro it is no longer such a cheap option. Nevertheless, tourists are still attracted to the warm beaches, the beautiful countryside, the lively nightlife, the abundance of fantastic restaurants and the charming cities filled with cultural delights.

According to '' some of the top places to visit in Spain that are often overlooked by tourists are:
  • Santander
There are miles of beautiful beaches and many resorts to chose from. There are also many attractions to keep you busy while you are not on the beach and these include the zoo, the beautiful cathedral, a museum and the king's summer house.
  • Vigo
This is a popular wine region in Spain and there are many wine tasting opportunities available. It is also close to Peneda-Geres National Park.
  • Andorra
Andorra is a popular skiing and snowboarding destination during the winter months and is well known for great-value skiing holidays. During the summer months there are many outdoor activities to be enjoyed such as kayaking, hiking and mountain biking.

  • Toledo
Toledo is close to Madrid and also has some beautiful views to be enjoyed. Explore old castles, city walls and stunning scenery all around.
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It takes around two hours and 15 minutes on average to fly from the UK to Spain, depending on which airports your flying from or to.
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Depending on the end points, between 2 and 3 hours.
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Approximate travel time from London, UK to Madrid, Spain is 1 hrs, 52 mins and Distance from UK to Spain is: 779.4 Miles.

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