How long does it take to travel by plane from the Philippines to England?


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It depends on which airline you use, what route they use, and how many times that you have to change, but with one stop is takes just less than 21 hours.

Typically, a long haul flight is one that takes more than seven hours, and is done using a wide body aircraft. Sometimes they can be flights without a stop.

  • Usual travel routes

Usually, a flight should be as direct as it possibly can be in order to keep flight length as short as possible. For long haul services, the directest journey is the one that follows the earth's curvature, called the great circle.

For example, in our northern hemisphere, if an aircraft is traveling west, it will very often follow a flight path that extends north either close to, or via the Arctic Circle. If you were to look at this route on a map it will appear to be curved even though this is actually the shortest distance.

It is possible, therefore, to estimate how long a flight will take by looking at the distance of the airports that you are traveling between.

  • Mitigating factors
There are some mitigating factors that are taken into consideration when working out a particular flight path. For example, the weather and currents in the air will make a difference to a flight time. If this is thought to be the case, transcontinental flights that are going east will go towards the south as it will enhance the flight of the plane.

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