When Was The Atchafalaya Bridge Built?


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The bridge across the Atchafalaya River was completed in the year 1973. It is located at Krotz Springs in the state of Louisiana in the United States of America. Apart from the Atchafalaya River it also covers the Swamp, and the Morganza Floodway. The length of the bridge is approximately 18 miles. There are two lanes for traffic on the Atchafalaya Bridge.

It is a cantilever truss bridge. This type of bridge was considered to be a steel marvel when it was first developed. It is generally used in territories which are difficult to build in. Swamps and other water bodies are spanned by cantilever truss bridges. Cantilever truss bridges are adepts at handling a lot of vehicular traffic. Bridges across rivers are built keeping in mind the direction of the flow of the water, initially there was a lot of controversy regarding the direction in which the Atchafalaya River flowed.

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