Do I Need To Pay Import Duty On A Watch Purchased From The Usa And Imported To The Uk?


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Yes, you should pay import duty on any goods that are imported from the USA, in fact most countries apart from EU members, but there are some exemptions.

The tax comes in two parts, VAT and import duty. VAT is applied at 17.5% on most goods and the import duty is a percentage that varies depending on the item. The authorities will not collect the duty if the amount would be less than than �7. Also VAT and duty will not be charged for a gift sent from a private person in the USA to a private person in the UK, and the value of the gift is less than �36. If the watch is being bought from a company or shop in the USA and you think that you will have to pay VAT and duty, you should make sure that they sell it to you without the taxes that they would normally have to pay in the USA, otherwise you will pay tax on it twice, in the USA and the UK.

If the watch is posted to the UK, there is a chance that it will reach you with HM Revenue & Customs realising that it is an item that has to have duty applied to it. IT must be pointed out that if this happens, you have a legal duty to let them know and declare it as you will be breaking the law if you don't.

If the watch has been bought on the internet, the UK Customs have special arrangements that allow some overseas traders to charge for, and collect, the import duty on behalf of HMRC. They will indicate this on the statement that comes with the goods.

(figures quoted are from HMRC and correct as of August 2006).

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