Where Can We Get Discount Tickets To Schlitterbahn In Galveston?


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The best way to acquire cheaper tickets to Schlitterbahn in Galveston is by purchasing your tickets online. By logging on to you will be able to review the different ticket types and prices. However, there are other ways you can acquire discount tickets.

• Selecting a different time to go

It may sound slightly obvious, but if you were to attend the water park in the afternoon during the summer, you will receive discount prices on your tickets. Of course, this is because you will not be there for as long, but this may be a good way to save money if you can plan it properly. The afternoon tickets are not available online and can only be purchased at the gate of your chosen Schlitterbahn water park.

In addition to this, the ticket prices will also come down in the winter months. Again, this sounds obvious, but the ticket prices will decrease when the indoor heated version of the park is opened during the colder months of the year.

• Going in a large party of people

You will also receive discount tickets if you are to attend the park in a party of 15 people or more. This will qualify you to buy a group ticket at a discounted price. This may be ideal for a big family outing or a visit for a large group of friends. And if you were to combine this with the discounts available if you visit at certain times it could be a considerable saving.

• Visiting official ticket outlets

It has also been suggested that there are a few local stores that sell the tickets at discounted prices. In addition to this, there are also rumored to be discount coupons available at these selected stores which will take money off the price of your ticket when presented. Some possible stores for this are HEB and Kroger grocery stores.

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