How Are The Landforms Of Chile?


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Chile stretches to about 4000 miles and about 180 kilometers wide and is a thin piece of land situated between the famous Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Beaches, inlets, glaciers, icebergs, deserts, deep sea channels are all included in the land of Chile.

Mountains are covering up most of the country's area and they are usually the snow capped Andes peak, which cover up its eastern side. The Cordillera de la Costa, the largest range, dissects Chile from the north to the south.

Chile alone has over six hundred volcanoes, out of which some have already erupted while others are still active. They are known as the ring of fire on the Andes Mountain. Many deep valleys cover up Chile from the Andes Mountain and go towards the Pacific Ocean.

Many waterfalls take place due to the presence of the Lake District, which is a known landscape situated in the south, providing other small lakes. A large number of glaciers extend from the ice fields and go all the way to sea level. The second largest lake, Carrera, is formed by these melting glaciers.

Apart from these many rivers are flowing, from the upper side of the Andes Mountain, towards the Pacific Ocean and are even shared by its neighboring country, Argentina.

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