What Are Some Major Industries In Chile?


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There are lots of major industries in Chile but some of the main ones are seafood, copper and wine. Copper is the biggest one. It is estimated to go for 200 more years!!!
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There are various industries in Chile that have a significant contribution in the country's economy and prime among them is Copper. The state owned firm CODELCO is the largest producer of copper in the world and is slated to produce with this pace for almost two hundred more years.

The economy of Chile is largely dependent upon foreign trade and beside copper; the authorities are making effort to increase the share of other products also in the export. Among non-mineral products it is wood that is contributing heavily but there are some other products also that have significant contribution. These products include processed food, seafood and wine.

It is the United States of America that is traditionally being the major exporting destination for Chilean products but recently some Asians countries are also becoming a big exporting market

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