What Forms Of Money Are There?


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Money has existed in various forms since the times of barter trade when cattle and food was a form of money. If we look at the history of money we would find all different kinds and shapes of money. First is the precious metal such as gold and silver. Gold and silver are commodities used to serve as money. They have very high value and can be divisible without loss in value.

These metal scan be stored without any risk of depreciation .these precious metals hen took the form of coins for the convenience of carrying around easily. Coins in the olden times used to be of gold and silver then their content change. Today they are round shaped pieces of metal hat have some authoritative print on them indicating their value. Next is the introduction of paper money. Bank notes were the first to introduce in the seventeenth century. Today apart from bank notes the most common form of money is cheques, credit cars and debit cards. They are used to transfer money from person to another. so money has lost is physical tangible appearance as has become an intangible commodity.

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