What Is The Value Of A 1949 Jefferson Nickel?


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Only Jefferson nickels in a practically uncirculated condition have a good coin value. Such 1949 Jefferson nickels are mintmarked either 1949, 1949-D or 1949-S. The mintmark can be found to the right of the building on the reverse. 1949 coins are worth 50 cents, as are 1949-D coins. Meanwhile, Jefferson nickels marked 1949-S are worth 10 cents.

Jefferson nickels were minted between 1938 and 2003, and designed by Felix Schalg. The obverse has a profile of Thomas Jefferson facing left, and the reverse has an elevation image of Jefferson’s Virginia estate: Monticello. In 1939, the steps were altered slightly but no other changes were made to the design throughout its minting. Vast quantities of the Jefferson nickels were produced, so coins from the 40s and 50s can still be found in circulation. Due to their availability, Jefferson nickels are one of the easiest sets of any denominations to find and are therefore very popular with collectors. The most common design in circulation is Jefferson nickels produced from 1980 onwards.

Between 1942 and 1945, wartime composition nickels were created made up of 56 per cent copper, 35 per cent silver and 9 per cent manganese. The darker appearance of the coins is due to exposure to sulfur during circulation, but carefully-protected proof wartime nickels are difficult to differentiate from standard coins. These wartime nickels had the biggest mintmark of any other United States coin, and when the price of silver rose, most of the coins were melted for their silver content.

Nickel collectors looking for rare and special coins look out for coins with fully-struck steps on the Monticello. Collectors will pay a premium price for coins that have five or six full steps within the design. Matte proofs, normal proofs and special mint set coins are all valuable within the coin-collecting world.
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Well on ebay I see prices between $100-$425. The condition can also raise or lower the worth of the coin.

Well it depend on the letter as well but on an auction site depending on condition and where it was made between 913 to 8625 dollars.
Here's the site
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I looked into this because I have a 1949 Jefferson Nickel and wikipedia says its work about 10 cents if there is no D next to the monticello and about 25 cents if there is a D

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