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The value of a like on social media platforms such as Facebook vary depending on who and where the like has come from.  I'll outline why this is in detail below.

Not all likes are equal

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that all likes are equal.  This is why you'll see people selling Facebook likes on websites such as Fiverr. 

The idea that many people have is a pretty simple one - "My page will look better if it has 25,000 likes, and therefore even more people will like it". 

In theory, having 25,000 likes on your page IS something that will look good to many people.  Likes show that people want to see what you have to offer or say.  As I mentioned earlier, however, not all likes are the equal.  Here's why:

  • Having fake likes such as those you can buy online is pretty obvious to spot.  If you've got one post and 25,000 likes, it's pretty evident that you bought them.
  • Paid for likes tend to have no profile pictures or and details, and have very odd looking names that simply don't look natural.
  • The most significant thing, however, is that beyond their appearance, these likes don't mean a thing.  They won't interact with you, they won't let other people know about you, and they won't stick around as Facebook removes them pretty quickly.
  • Real likes are very valuable.  If a person has found your page and liked it, it means they want to continue to interact with you.  That can take many forms, from simply clicking links to your website, to actually buying products from you.
  • A real like may also share your page or brand, which encourages others to also like you.  They're likely to stick around as they liked your page voluntarily. 

All in all, the value of a like is dependant upon whether it's a real like or a fake like.  Numbers look impressive, but if they're not real, they're not worth anything to you. 

Here's a video with some great tips on how to naturally expand your social media likes:

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