What's The Time Difference Between England And Missouri?


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Most of the time (including right now - summer 2009) there is a 6 hour time difference between England and Missouri. England is usually ahead of Missouri by 6 hours. For instance, at 6 PM in Missouri, it is turning midnight (and therefore, the next day) in England. However, the UK Daylight Savings Time (BST for British Summer Time) and the Daylight Savings Time in America are not perfectly synchronized. This year, 2009, BST in England started March 29th and ends October 25th. In the USA, Daylight Saving Time began March 8 and ends Nov 1. In both cases, an hour is added in the Spring, and an hour is removed in the Fall. So, Missouri clocks moved up an hour on March 8th, but English clocks didn't move up an hour until March 29th. Consequently, for three weeks in March and for the last week of October, there is only 5 hours difference between England and Missouri. Note that the dates will change from year to year, because Daylight Saving Time in America begin the second Sunday of March and ends the first Sunday in November. British Summer Time begins the last Sunday of March and ends the last Sunday in October. 
Where that time goes, nobody knows. 

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