Do You Agree That Japan Is The Most Modern Of All Countries In The World And It Owes Its Success To Its Culture? Why? Explain.


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Basically speaking, it is easily shown and recognized in the world why they are the most modern of all countries just in their reputation in their state of the art, high speed modernization. Whatever is new in this world, and what is there yet to be discovered, we could say that Japan is in the top of the mountain of countries that could achieve such development. In this, it shows that I really agree why Japan is the most modern country in the world. Just look at their technology; let's take the Philippines as an example. What seems to be new here in our country today is just the everyday trash they throw down the river, the backyard trash can or the community junk yard. And just by looking at their people, you would be amazed just how they cope up with these. Their value in labor surpasses all countries around the world. Yet, they are the ones who develop such things to encourage not working. But even if they have the privilege not to work because of their hard earned technology, they still choose to work hard and learn more, develop more. The day old pre-schooler, here in our country, or other countries, just know the most basics of all knowledge in the world. But, the Japanese children would make your jaw drop for what a graduate of a certain course in technology could do, they just treat it as pre-school education. And yet, the pre-schools gain expertise in it. So, just looking at these certain points, you yourself would realize that they are the most modern of all countries. Now, lets go to the values of people there. They really are the most modern, but the most liberated too. Japanese girls and boys, especially teens have a certain delight in having sexual activity unlike any other country. And do you know fan-art? They are also the producer of the world-renounced fan-arts, cartoons, anime, manga, and of course… so many more in what they like to do, about perversity. They promote this, which is a ugly feature of their country, but it takes its reputation as the most modern countries nowadays with these achievements. Any country couldn't achieve such development, being a country in the continent of Asia, and being such a small country to begin with, they have such guts to anchor their way to modernization, but they gained their way. They are such amazing people with amazing culture. To be a country with such a reputation, they value honor too much. And that is a feature of their country, which we should be modern of, and apply to our selves, but instill to ourselves, a great deal of dignity just like the Japanese are. So, I really agree with the notion that Japan is the most modern of all countries, and our country? Well its just lost in the pace. We won't get even close to what they achieve because they keep on improving, and we just keep on lying down waiting for god to throw us a jolt of greed. Lucky for us if that will truly happen.

Pertaining to their culture, yes they really owe all of these to their hard earned, hard spent, hardly preserved culture. Once, when they were just a spot in the continent of Asia, but now they mark the whole world. They owe it all to culture. I think that they most excel in pertaining to their culture, maybe because of the fact that they value it too much, and that is what they apply for today, in what they do, and what they create, all thanks to their culture. Their culture is their country's most prized possession, in which they apply in their whole country. They don't have different sentiments unlike other countries which go to war to reign superior in their own country, because where is the sense in that? They reign united. They fight for one goal, they value each other, that is why they rise up to the top ranks that other countries cannot do for their lack of adherence to culture. Other countries just strive for personal gain, just fight for malicious intent, and just strive for supremacy without honor. We basically have to look up to them if we really want to rise up where they are… if we could only, its not wrong to dream right? Back to their culture, one good example is in their intimate love for their language. So they simply have to promote its usage in their country. But they don't. They'd destroy someone who'll speak not Japanese in their country. You have to be ready when you want to go in Japan. It is a fault to not learn Japanese in their country. Given this, they value the culture of their language too much. They love their language. They would rather have what they have, than go under the grasps of other culture, especially the WESTERN. So in giving much value in their culture, they were able to gain such publicity, such development, and such modernization. They love they're country too much, do would literally die for it. This is another factor for their swift modernization. They seldom make mistakes. And if they do so, they pay it with blood, or worse, their life. Thinking of this, who wants to lose their life? It is wrong right? But they apply it anyways, so in having these they are able, to go beyond limits, and minimize error, only giving good results rather than faulty, bad results. And this gives much to their culture as well as their modernization. So, in my point of view, I truly agree in the notion that, Japan, is the most modernized country, not only in Asia, but in the whole world.
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I disagree. While Japan might have the highest rate of technological advancement in certain industries (cellphones, computer chips, robotics, consumer electronics, automobiles), there are numerous ways in which the country itself is very 'far back' in terms of becoming a modern country.

Banks in Japan are segmented and difficult to work with. They offer virtually no interest in almost every kind of bank or savings account. Worst of all, public ATMs close at night and on holidays.

Broadband internet penetration is high enough, and speeds are much faster than America, but a large percentage of Japanese don't know how to use a computer effectively. They prefer to use cell phones for things that people in most other countries use computers for. Perhaps that is the wave of the future, but right now it translates into more computer illiteracy.

Furthering this point, a large portion of the rural areas of Japan still are primarily on a paper system. City and government offices use more paper than computers to store data. I worked for a couple of years in a Japanese educational district office, and I never once put an official document into a computer.

Credit cards are not used much in Japan outside of Tokyo. Cash is still mandatory in most places. Debit cards don't work like credit cards and cannot make online purchases or be swiped at check out registers.

If being a modernized country takes into account how well the country and culture interact on a world-stage, I'd say Japan has a long way to go before it catches up to countries like Singapore or Taiwan.

Business practices are also quite old fashioned. Countries form alliances and balance trades and markets in order to keep things stable, and rarely allow new upstarts to make an impact. That's what happened to the CEO of Red Door - he tried using American style business tactics, and doing it successfully. His competitors were nonplussed and found ways to scandalize him. Now sure, he may have been doing underhanded things, but he's certainly not the only one. They singled him out because he was bucking the traditional rules.

Gender roles are also WAY behind in Japan. A good comparison for modern Japan's gender role system would be 1950's America.

The success Japan had in the 70's and 80's was a direct result of their cultural characteristics which suppose self-sacrifice and diligence.

However the people who made that success happen are ageing now, and their children, who don't remember the war or the bomb, are much less disciplined. And that generation's children (currently in grade school) are looking to be even worse.

In short, Japan might be a leader in new technology, but it is certainly not a leader in modernized world-class culture.
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Very interesting observations. I have no experience on this matter but you sound as if you understand this culture very well.
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Japan doesn't owe what they have done to their culture, they owe it to themselves as a people. Culture is what holds a country back, the Samurai clans of Japan were intensely aristocratic and would not allow Japan to modernise, due to it relinquishing their divine right over the common people. Which is why they had a civil war, marking the end of the Edo era.

Japan is a normal country, like America or the UK, just as capitalist too now, in Japan they are fixated on being Western, in the west we all want to be more "Asian". It's just the natural attraction of the opposite.

In that respect, Japan does not owe it's success on it's culture, in fact, they largely threw their  culture away and learned from the west for it's advancements.Asian culture is only "epic" because you weren't there living like an animal at the feet of your divine masters.
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Yes, I agree that Japan is the most modern and technological advanced country in the world. The secret of their success is their devotion to their work, loyalty and honesty. They strongly follow their heritage.

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